October Meeting

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Harford Campaign for Liberty


October 22, 2013

7 pm – 9 pm

Forest Hill Knights of Columbus Hall

23 Newport Drive

Forest Hill, MD.  21050


The federal government has been enticing local law enforcement with military style toys and surveillance equipment.  Does Harford County really need a Bearcat? What about portable observation towers with face recognition capabilities?  Why does Maryland activate a SWAT team an average of 10 times PER DAY?  Did you know any of this?  Want to know more? Dan Galluzzo, former NSA employee, will present an overview of this topic and discuss the successes other states and counties have had in preventing the militarization of local police.


Also on the Agenda


County Council giveaways!!! More of your tax dollars are gifted to local business.


Government shutdown or salvation?  How Washington conservatives are changing the game.


Rain tax news. 


Free admission

Cash bar available