Stop Common Core in Harford County – Sign the Petition!

Rotten to the Core!

Rotten to the Core!

We, the undersigned, support strong local schools, districts and counties led by a community and parents with a fundamental interest in the education of their own children. We believe such districts and counties have the capability to adopt their own high standards, research-based curriculum and assessments.

Therefore, be it Resolved that:

We hereby ask the Governor of Maryland, the State Board of Education, and the State Superintendent to remove Maryland from SBAC membership and the Race to the Top application, and call for our State Legislators to introduce and pass a bill to rescind its adoption of national Common Core standards.

We hereby demand the Harford County Board of Education to suspend implementation of Common Core standards or curriculum in Harford County until such time as such legislation is passed on the state level.

We hereby call for our children’s privacy rights be upheld, and demand no personal information about students be transmitted outside of local schools and districts without the knowledge and express consent of the parent(s) of each individual child.

And we hereby call upon our Board of Education to immediately investigate and bring to light by public meeting the cost that Common Core and PARCC tests will create in the form of new tax burdens and unfunded mandates in our county.