Rain Tax Petition


RainyDayJuly 2011

Concerning the passing of the Storm Management Fee in 2012, we the undersigned declare that it is not sufficient for our local legislative body and County Executive to sit back and complain that the state machine has taken advantage of their majority status once again.  We the People of Maryland and of Harford County demand that our elected representatives stand up to protect the rights of the minority.

We hereby oppose the Environmental Protection Agency’s overstepping of authority in creating an unfunded mandate of $14.8 billion to pay for so-called “Chesapeake Bay pollution”, which the Maryland government has passed along to its ten largest counties and hence to the taxpayer.

We decry the notion of Harford County and the other involved counties collecting and holding millions of dollars for restoration projects that cannot hope to be completed in the five years those $14.8 billion will be collected.

We oppose the creation of yet another layer of government bureaucracy needed for “monitoring, inspection, enforcement, review of stormwater management plans and permit applications and mapping of impervious surfaces.”

We the undersigned admonish Harford Delegate Mary-Dulaney James’ stance in voting for the original Rain Tax (HB 987) in 2012, and challenge her and every other Republican Delegate to work diligently to repeal the rain tax in the 2013-14 legislative session.  We expect every Republican State Delegate and Senator  to clamour to sponsor or co-sponsor a repeal bill.

We demand our Harford County Council find an alternative method, to stop bleeding their constituents dry with this additional rain tax fee, and call on them to speak to the counties who stood up in true opposition to the state about how they can do the same.  It is the opinion of the undersigned that creating a task force is not a form of opposition.