Sign the Petition to Cut Water Bills Back!


Harford County politicians gave themselves a big pat on the back for repealing the Rain Tax…

…but later voted unanimously to give us higher water bills!

This bait and switch behavior of local politicians who posture as fiscal conservatives then raise water bills is unacceptable.


The average Harford County family depending upon its local government for water and sewer services was paying roughly $135 every three months.

But this June, the average quarterly bill increased by $42, or about $177 a year.

Friends, that’s an annual increase of 31.2%.

This may seem minuscule to our local lawmakers. For families already struggling to make ends meet, or retirees on a fixed budget, however, this is a painful blow.

But it gets worse.

Your all-Republican County Council not only passed one rate hike, they passed 5 YEARS OF CONSECUTIVE HIKES.

In fiscal year 2017, expect your bill to shoot up another $15 a quarter, and a whopping $43 a quarter in FY 2018.

By the time all the increases are in effect, you’ll be paying an estimated $252 a quarter. That’s over a thousand dollars a year, for a vital service you can’t shop.

By FY 2020, your water and sewer bill will have gone up over 86%, and the Harford County government will have collected an additional $23 million from hardworking taxpayers.

Not even the liberal bastion Baltimore City passes these types of increases – the city’s new water rates are increasing just 33% over three years.

Your elected officials ran on a promise of fiscally responsible principles, including keeping Harford County taxes low and affordable, and eliminating the Rain Tax.

Now, instead of looking for ways to lower our local costs, they’ve chosen the Martin O’Malley Method –

Raise unavoidable “fees” and hope the voters are too busy to notice.

Please, join us in telling these politicians that we’ve noticed, and we’re angry.

Sign the Petition by clicking on the banner below, and share this message with your fellow Harford County residents.


With your support, we can pressure county politicians to spare us the water bill abuse and cut wasteful government spending instead.

Each of these elected officials ran on a promise to represent YOU in Harford County with conservative and fiscally responsible principles.

Sign the petition, and demand that they live up to that promise. Demand these water bill increases be immediately repealed

P.S. Will you chip in $10, $25, $50 or $100 today to help us reach and mobilize the citizens of Harford County?