The Center for the 2 Percent

Tell the County Council NO WAY to funding a $60 million Center for the 2 Percent!

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Whereas: The Center for the Fine Arts has failed to prove it can raise the private money donations it originally intendeded, and cannot prove with any reasonable certainty it would be an economically sustainable venture for the County Taxpayers;

Whereas: The Center for the Fine Arts will increase the debt burden of Harford County substanatially in a time when the county should be focused on meeting the promises made to its teachers, police force and county employees in the form of health and retirement benefits;

Whereas: The land desired by the Center is the current property of the County Taxpayers, and was granted for use to preserve our Cultural Heritage, not to create an urbanized complex to be used by a small percentage of county residents;

Therefore: We the Citizens of Harford County hereby demand that any and all monies, grants and proposals put forth in support of the Center for the Fine Arts be REJECTED by the officials elected to protect this county, and that any future plans considered for the land be economically viable, be compatible with our county’s history and atmosphere, and be available for public view on the Harford County Government website.