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March 24, 2015


February 24, 2015


January 27, 2015
Video – 2nd Amendment Rights
Eric Robey – 2015 2nd Amendment Legislation
Eugene Craig – Central Committee’s Job: Making Appointments to the Legislature

November 25, 2014
Richard Rothschild – Forcing Coordination with the EPA Locally
Dave Pridgeon – November Election Results, What Do They Mean For Liberty?

October 28, 2014
Vicki Seitzinger – Councilman Guthrie’s Voting Record: Who is he Really Championing?
Scott DeLong – Local Militarization of the Police
Christina Trotta – The Sheriff’s Department Budget: Is the Department Being a Good Steward of Your Money?
So You Want to Watch the Voting Polls: How to Spot Fraud and How to Report It.


September 23, 2014
Vicki Seitzinger – A $25,00 Raise For the Next County Executive
Dave Pridgeon – Harford’s New Cultural Arts Center, What Will It Cost?
Norm Taylor – Common Core State Standards Have No Common Sense


May 27, 2014

Christina Trotta: Connecting the Legislative Season to the Election Season
Jeff Gahler- Harford County Sheriff’s Department Purchase of 3 Helicopters
Vicki Seitzinger: Know Your Rights, Stop and Search Laws
Mike Perrone on Zoning Laws
Dave Pridgeon on the Future of the Tea Party Movement

April 28, 2014
Dan Lambros on the Livability Code
Open Mic
Eric Daxon on Property Rights and Zoning Issues
Vicki Seitzinger, an IRS Update

March 24, 2014
Scott DeLong on Illegal Immigration and Amnesty
Open Mic
An Explanation of and Response to HB 1513

November 26, 2013 Meeting
Ira Crowe, Critical Thinking Part II
Elizabeth Myers, Maryland Legislative Watch

October 22, 2013 Meeting
Dan Galluzzo on The Militarization of the Police Force
Open Mic
Vicki Seitzinger updates the Rain Tax



September 24, 2013 Meeting
Ira Crowe on Critical Thinking, Part I
Open Mic
Vicki Seitzinger on the Arrest of Robert Small at MD Dept of Ed. Common Core Meeting
Robert Willick on Common Core: Origin and Ideologies

C4L 2013-09-24 Full Meeting 22


August 27, 2013 Meeting
Jimmy Mathis on Common Core and Data Collection
Vicki Seitzinger on the Rain Tax Task Force
Scott DeLong on the Town Hall with Andy Harris
Rick Grambo with an update on the Board of Education
Jeanette Smith about Maryland Alimony Reform

C4L 2013-08-27 jimmy mathis


July 23, 2013 Meeting
Jason Laird on Common Core’s Ideology
Vicki Seitzinger on the Rain Tax Task Force
Christina Trotta on Snowden, Metadata and US Spying

C4L 2013-07-23 jason laird


June 25, 2013 Meeting
Brittney Stouffer: The Maryland Firearm Safety Act & Protection Through Gun Trusts
John Fry, High School Student, presents “Gun Control in The Glass Castle”
Vicki Seitzinger on IRS Targeting of Tea Parties, Christians
Scott DeLong: Big Brother is Watching You
Dave Pridgeon on the Patriot Act

C4L 2013-06-25 Full Meeting 05


May 28, 2013 Meeting
Chip Macleod of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition on the Rain Tax
Scott DeLong on the Confiscation of Firearms

C4L 2013-05-28 may scott


April 23, 2013 Meeting
Cindy Sharretts on Common Core
Dave Pridgeon on How the Establishment Co-opts Liberty Politicians
Scott DeLong on the Use of Drones

C4L 2013-04-23 cindy sharretts